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Tequila Taco Tuesday

There’s nothing like a hot day to make my grill call to me. Usually I answer with a delicious dinner, and this was no exception. Usually, I make our steak tacos in the same manner that our favorite local taco … Continue reading

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The Meaty Avolicious

After a long day at camp, I want simple food. Case and point: I had tuna salad last night. Tonight, I threw some skirt steak in some lime juice, salt, and pepper and grilled it. I sliced up avocados. I … Continue reading

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Forgotten Cheese

I was going to make lasagna tonight. I had the noodles, the sauce, the ricotta, the cottage cheese… I had spinach, parmesan cheese, and even aluminum foil to cover the pan while it baked. When I stopped at the store … Continue reading

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Project Food Blog Challenge #1: Ready, Set, Blog!

I’ve decided to go for it… I’m throwing my proverbial hat into the proverbial ring (or should I rather say I’m throwing my whisk into the pot?) for Foodbuzz’s Project Food Blog! Challenge #1: Create a post that defines you … Continue reading

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Endless Possibilities

PHEW! I think I’ve finally recovered from my ├╝ber-long work day on Friday-Saturday! It was the first of two camp overnighters, and I was out of my house from 6 a.m. on Friday until nearly noon on Saturday. I then … Continue reading

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