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“Better With Bacon” Cauliflower Casserole

Sometimes, like most people, I get ridiculous cravings for ridiculously bad-for-me foods. The most recent of these cravings was for a super-rich, super-cheesy, super-indigestion-inducing macaroni and cheese. You know the kind I mean. I’m not talking about the blue box, … Continue reading

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Mom’s Perfect Roast

So many times over the course of the last few years, I’ve tried to duplicate recipes that I remember from growing up. Many times, I end up calling my mom and finding out after the fact, what exactly I did … Continue reading

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Unstuffed Green Pepper Casserole

**Have you voted for my cupcake yet? It’s the last day!** I think I was 25 before I made my first stuffed pepper. I know I’d eaten them before that point, but for some reason, I’d never made them. That … Continue reading

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Five-Ingredient Grecian Chicken

**Have you voted for my cupcake yet?** I used to relish the time on the weekends to cook things that I didn’t have time to during the week. Homemade croissants, ravioli, super-deluxe-fancy cupcakes… now, those things are saved for extra … Continue reading

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Lean Mean Green Burritos

Thank you all for putting up with my blog down time yesterday! Nothing like starting an edit at 6 a.m. and having the site down the rest of the day! It appears to be all better now thanks to the … Continue reading

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