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Wordless Wednesday: Cupcake Club

We had our meeting of Cupcake Club this week, and we made some beautiful Valentine’s-themed treats. The girls had a blast making their cupcakes into tiny little “milkshakes”, topped or stuffed with fudge, and adorned with Valentine’s decorations. The best … Continue reading

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Birthday Cookie Dough Bites

Almost five years ago, I got the news that my job had been eliminated. Thanks to lack of funding, a change in curricular direction, and a few other various and sundry reasons, I was no longer employed at the school … Continue reading

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It’s A Good Day…

It’s a good day when, for no other reason than pure appreciation, a student decides to make up her own 8 days of Hanukkah so that she can treat me to 8 gifts before we leave for winter break. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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Thursday Things

As I sit here waiting for my next parent-teacher conference to begin, I’m becoming increasingly more aware of the little things in my classroom that help me feel happy on a daily basis. I know this isn’t my normal food-related … Continue reading

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Five Photo Friday

I promise, there will be cooking soon. It’s just been one of those weeks. So, just to make sure you all know all is well, here are some fun photos (see? more alliterations!) from the last few days here at … Continue reading

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