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Maple Soy Sesame Salmon Salads

I’ve always had a bit of a phobia cooking fish at home. Sure, I can lightly bread and oven bake a tilapia filet just like the next person, but cooking fish well freaked me out. The anxiety increased the more … Continue reading

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Cedar-Planked Salmon & Cacio e Pepe

Oh hi there. I forget every year exactly how insane the end of the school year is. Oh well, I survived yet another year, finishing up my 9th year teaching. It’s kind of hard to believe. After many days of … Continue reading

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A Pizza By Any Other Name

A mere month ago, I was saying that I wasn’t going to enter “that Project Food Blog thing” because I didn’t think I’d get very far. Amazingly, here I am, halfway through, with FIVE challenges under my (ever-increasing) belt. Thank … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Cheat

Sometimes, I go to the grocery store with the best intentions. “Yeah, I’m going to pick out some stuff that looks great, and cook dinner tonight” even though it was eleventy thousand degrees today, and I’m exhausted. Sometimes I think … Continue reading

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Today was a rarity in my book. Usually, every summer, I get ONE day off during the summer between the end of school and the next school year. This year, due to various issues, I’ll be getting MANY days off … Continue reading

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