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Thirst Quencher: Watermelon Lemonade

Any time we have people over, there are two questions I ask as soon as they walk in the door: Can I get you something to eat? Can I get you something to drink? Usually, the answer to the “something … Continue reading

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Cooking Shenanigans

I’ve been out and about with my friend Ericka since she arrived on Monday afternoon… but, for Ericka and I, “out and about” includes things like going to fun grocery stores, coming up with recipes, cooking, and eating. Our friendship … Continue reading

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Winging It

Thank you all so much for your supportive words on my last post! I think that with all your support, and of course the support of Adam and my family, I CAN DO THIS!! So, in the spirit of going … Continue reading

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Apparently, I’m a subliminally creepy blog stalker. I had one of those busy days where, even during lunch, I didn’t have time to sit and read blogs. Apparently, Jenna and I are subliminally connected. I found myself googling “chicken tikka … Continue reading

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100 Cupcakes

Many months ago, in what feels like another lifetime at this point, I got an email from my friend Mal. You may remember her as the person who started the A to Z Literacy Movement, and I talked about her … Continue reading

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