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Mother’s Day Brunch

When I initially invited my mom, stepdad, sister and family-in-law over for a Mother’s Day brunch, I was thinking I’d do a standard lox, bagels, and cream cheese thing. It’s a Jewish family brunch staple, and I figured I’d make … Continue reading

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I’m not feeling very loquacious today… it’s been one of those weeks. I made these, in a double recipe. Well, not exactly. I used almost equal amounts wheat and oat flour, and they were wonderful, mostly because of these: Farm-fresh … Continue reading

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It’s Pancake Day!

Every time I looked at a blog post today, it was about pancakes. It’s National Pancake Day (or Día Nacional de Panqueques, as I taught my students) and everywhere I looked there were stacks of pancakes of various varieties. Needless … Continue reading

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Short Stack

When I was a tween, I was extremely short. Like, nickname-inducing, age-questioning short. I was at least two heads shorter than many of my “tall” friends, and a head shorter than my friends that were considered “short.” When I graduated … Continue reading

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