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Maple Soy Sesame Salmon Salads

I’ve always had a bit of a phobia cooking fish at home. Sure, I can lightly bread and oven bake a tilapia filet just like the next person, but cooking fish well freaked me out. The anxiety increased the more … Continue reading

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Italian Grill-Out

The weather people lied today. They said “upper 40s and some sun”. We got mid 60s and LOTS of sun, which called for a delicious dinner, cooked primarily outside! I long for grilling out through most of the winter, and … Continue reading

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Wednesday in Numbers: The Arcade Edition

Remember me?? I used to be this food and cooking blogger that wrote every day… yeah, pretty much, this summer is kicking my butt! I’ve been busy and beyond exhausted, but hopefully things will calm down soon. So, by popular … Continue reading

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Endless Possibilities

PHEW! I think I’ve finally recovered from my ├╝ber-long work day on Friday-Saturday! It was the first of two camp overnighters, and I was out of my house from 6 a.m. on Friday until nearly noon on Saturday. I then … Continue reading

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