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Weber Grill Inspired BBQ Meatloaf

We’re huge meatloaf fans in this house. When we can’t think of something new and fun to make for dinner, meatloaf is a fallback option that we’re usually pretty satisfied with. Sometimes, I’ll use oatmeal as a binder; sometimes its … Continue reading

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The Meaty Avolicious

After a long day at camp, I want simple food. Case and point: I had tuna salad last night. Tonight, I threw some skirt steak in some lime juice, salt, and pepper and grilled it. I sliced up avocados. I … Continue reading

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Many many years ago, I was introduced to this “new” burger placed called Red Robin. There weren’t very many of them in our area, and everyone I talked to said it was “SO GOOD” and they had neverending steak fries. … Continue reading

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Sensational Sunday: RibFest Edition

Chicagoland is famous for many things throughout the Summer: great beaches, outdoor dining, baseball games at Wrigley Field (we don’t talk about that other team)…but my favorite thing about Chicagoland in the Summer are the festivals and fairs. There’s something … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tribute

Sunday would’ve been my dad’s 60th birthday. Instead of planning a surprise party, or fancy dinner, or a trip out to visit him, I spent the day doing things that reminded me of him. I made homemade bagels, and topped … Continue reading

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