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Chicago Gourmet 2012

Have I mentioned recently how proud I am of my sister? Oh, I have? Ok, well this is going to be another one of those posts. For the last few years, Chicago has hosted a phenomenal event for restaurants and … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Brunch

When I initially invited my mom, stepdad, sister and family-in-law over for a Mother’s Day brunch, I was thinking I’d do a standard lox, bagels, and cream cheese thing. It’s a Jewish family brunch staple, and I figured I’d make … Continue reading

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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pans: Going Green!

It had been an extremely long time since I’d seen my Traveling Pans sisters… since Thanksgiving, to be exact! We kept planning dinners, then life would get in the way and they’d either be canceled or I wouldn’t be able … Continue reading

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Mommy & Me Photo Shoot – Melissa & Alex

No, I’m not announcing anything. But, I spent a great weekend away with a group of girlfriends and took a boatload of photos. Back in April, I had a couple of photo shoots with a couple of the same people, … Continue reading

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Thirst Quencher: Watermelon Lemonade

Any time we have people over, there are two questions I ask as soon as they walk in the door: Can I get you something to eat? Can I get you something to drink? Usually, the answer to the “something … Continue reading

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