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Well, This Is Random…

Dinner was a plate of random: Oven-roasted black pepper and garlic potato slices with… A butterflied and pounded and lightly breaded and pan “fried” chicken breast with… Cucumbers in tzatziki sauce. Redundant? Yes. Delicious? Also yes. Why the random dinner? … Continue reading

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Grecian Delight

Hanging out with my friend Ericka for the last week brought back some hilarious memories from college, most of which caused ridiculous bouts of giggles even now. We reminisced about how, even back in those days, I hated to do … Continue reading

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Power of Suggestion

If you’re here from my guest post on The Fitnessista, welcome! I hope you stay a while! So, there’s this message board I frequent. Some of you know what it is, some of you don’t… I’ll leave you guessing. In … Continue reading

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Mission Number 1: Eat More Veggies

One of the easiest things I can do to help myself be healthier is to eat more veggies. It seems simple enough, but in the winter months in Chicago, truly flavorful vegetables tend to lurk in the cruciferous and tuberous … Continue reading

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Apparently, I’m a subliminally creepy blog stalker. I had one of those busy days where, even during lunch, I didn’t have time to sit and read blogs. Apparently, Jenna and I are subliminally connected. I found myself googling “chicken tikka … Continue reading

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