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Chicken Shawarma Roll-Ups

**WARNING** **If you have yet to see The Avengers and are planning to, within this post are spoilers!** **Seriously. I’m going to talk about the super-secret scene at the very end of the credits.** **No angry comments that I “OMG … Continue reading

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Almond Milk Butter Chicken

Hello, What’s For Dinner? readers! I am Sana from SuperSana, and I am here to share a recipe for Almond Milk Butter Chicken that my mom and I came up with! I hope you guys enjoy this post as Mara … Continue reading

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Baked Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

Calling this dish a “sandwich” is a bit of a stretch. I guess the technical definition of a “sandwich” is deliciousness stuffed in between two pieces of bread, so these don’t exactly fit the bill. This is more like creamy, … Continue reading

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Cheesy Enchiladada Chicken Bowls

I’ve had this vision of making a creamy and cheesy enchilada-type chicken dish for about three weeks now, but, much like many other things I think about, I had no idea how to go about making it. Or what I’d … Continue reading

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Crispy Chicken Dippers with Three Sauces

As much as I love cooking, and I really do love cooking, sometimes there’s nothing better than having a meal prepared for me. Many times, this involves going out, but recently, Adam has discovered the fun in cooking. So, while … Continue reading

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