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Jalapeño Popper Pasta

Food story time: In the relatively early days of Adam and my relationship, we ordered a lot of take out. I would cook for us occasionally, but in those days, staying up super-late eating delivery Italian food was so much … Continue reading

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Five-Ingredient Grecian Chicken

**Have you voted for my cupcake yet?** I used to relish the time on the weekends to cook things that I didn’t have time to during the week. Homemade croissants, ravioli, super-deluxe-fancy cupcakes… now, those things are saved for extra … Continue reading

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Hoisin & Citrus Braised Chicken

**IMPORTANT NEWS!!**Before I get to this amazingly delicious dinner recipe, you need to do something for me. I’ve entered the Cupcake Crown cupcake contest with the cupcake you helped me choose, the Cannoli Cupcake. VOTING IS NOW OPEN! Please visit … Continue reading

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Baked Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls

I know what you may be thinking. Seriously? Another buffalo chicken dish? Everyone and their mother are doing buffalo chicken dishes these days, what with the whole “OMG FOOTBALL” thing that happens this time of year. I assure you, this … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Grilling Obsession

It’s been nice out, so we’ve been grilling out! Homemade barbecue sauce on grilled chicken; grilled veggies; triple chile burgers and spinach salads I’ll have a real post soon. The end of the school year is just insane, and tonight’s … Continue reading

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