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Wordless Wednesday: Grilling Obsession

It’s been nice out, so we’ve been grilling out! Homemade barbecue sauce on grilled chicken; grilled veggies; triple chile burgers and spinach salads I’ll have a real post soon. The end of the school year is just insane, and tonight’s … Continue reading

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Tarragon Turkey Burgers with Bacon, Apple & Brie

Recipe inspiration can come from the strangest of places. Sometimes it’s a commercial, at times a Food Network show will spark inspiration, and sometimes, a trip to the movie theater creates an idea that lingers for days and days. Yes, … Continue reading

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Blue Plate Special: Classic Patty Melts

Occasionally, Adam and I fall victim to the very problem that this little blog is supposed to solve: What the heck to we eat for dinner? Usually, I can throw something mediocre together with what’s in the house, but when … Continue reading

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Itty Bitty Burgers

It’s no secret that I love small things. More specifically, small things that are just small versions of big things. A normal carrot? Great, and delicious in hummus. A teeny tiny carrot?? Amazing! A regular-sized cupcake? Delicious and definitely cuter … Continue reading

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Many many years ago, I was introduced to this “new” burger placed called Red Robin. There weren’t very many of them in our area, and everyone I talked to said it was “SO GOOD” and they had neverending steak fries. … Continue reading

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