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“Better With Bacon” Cauliflower Casserole

Sometimes, like most people, I get ridiculous cravings for ridiculously bad-for-me foods. The most recent of these cravings was for a super-rich, super-cheesy, super-indigestion-inducing macaroni and cheese. You know the kind I mean. I’m not talking about the blue box, … Continue reading

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Portland Vacation: Day 1

Now that camp is over, and my normal school schedule resumes tomorrow (GASP!) I’m planning on much more regular posting, more cooking, and of course, more recipes and photos. I’m not usually one to do a recap day-by-day of a … Continue reading

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Tarragon Turkey Burgers with Bacon, Apple & Brie

Recipe inspiration can come from the strangest of places. Sometimes it’s a commercial, at times a Food Network show will spark inspiration, and sometimes, a trip to the movie theater creates an idea that lingers for days and days. Yes, … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Brunch

When I initially invited my mom, stepdad, sister and family-in-law over for a Mother’s Day brunch, I was thinking I’d do a standard lox, bagels, and cream cheese thing. It’s a Jewish family brunch staple, and I figured I’d make … Continue reading

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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pans: Going Green!

It had been an extremely long time since I’d seen my Traveling Pans sisters… since Thanksgiving, to be exact! We kept planning dinners, then life would get in the way and they’d either be canceled or I wouldn’t be able … Continue reading

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