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It’s Been A While!

Oh hey there! It’s been a while…over a month actually. I’ve had an interesting summer, to say the least. My pescetarian summer challenge? Went well, I ate more veggies and sushi, and had no shame about eating a tuna sandwich … Continue reading

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Portland Vacation: Day 4 1/2

As of the last post, my trip to Portland had been quite adventurous. Coast –> beach time –> Seaside Arcade –> candy shopping –> crab –> crash. My last full day was the only one that had anything actually scheduled. … Continue reading

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Portland Vacation: Day 3, Exploring the Coast

We left off after a second beautiful day in Portland… food & wine festival –> BBQ –> Groceries –> homemade deep dish pizza… Ericka had mentioned to me that we may be doing some significant walking the following day, so … Continue reading

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Portland Vacation: Day 2

OK, where’d we leave off? Oh right, airplane –> food carts –> movie –> fro-yo –> sushi I must’ve been absolutely exhausted, because when I went to sleep at about 11:00 p.m. Portland time on Saturday, I figured I’d get … Continue reading

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Portland Vacation: Day 1

Now that camp is over, and my normal school schedule resumes tomorrow (GASP!) I’m planning on much more regular posting, more cooking, and of course, more recipes and photos. I’m not usually one to do a recap day-by-day of a … Continue reading

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