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An Old Favorite

This week seems to be about rediscovering old favorite recipes. First was split pea soup, which I made for the first time over two years ago. Then, white chicken chili which, with its plethora of beans made for an extremely … Continue reading

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Adventures in Floof

The statement “I have such a sweet tooth!” is quite an understatement in my case. I’m pretty sure that if given the chance, I could eat (and likely enjoy) mass quantities of most sweet treats. I’m not just talking about … Continue reading

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Project Food Blog Challenge #1: Ready, Set, Blog!

I’ve decided to go for it… I’m throwing my proverbial hat into the proverbial ring (or should I rather say I’m throwing my whisk into the pot?) for Foodbuzz’s Project Food Blog! Challenge #1: Create a post that defines you … Continue reading

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Brought to You By the Letter “T”

Dinner was full of T’s. Tofu. Teriyaki. Tubers. Tower. I made a baked tofu much like our beloved Gliding Calm does. I used sriracha for the spice, and agave for the sweet. I made it a point to press the … Continue reading

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I Heart Whole Foods

After work today, I had to drive out to my mom’s office for some wedding related stuff. My mom’s office is in a suburb which is right near the day camp that I work at all summer. This suburb has … Continue reading

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