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Fiesta Elote Bowls

You are likely going to be overwhelmed in the next few days with “OMG YOU GUYS A MEXICAN RECIPE!” because Cinco de Mayo is coming up! Not going to lie, this is another one. But I swear, this comes from … Continue reading

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Hearty Corn & White Bean Chowder with Shrimp

One of my very favorite thing about summer cooking is the general lack of actual cooking. Ingredients are so fresh, and things just taste the way they’re supposed to. Give me a great tomato with a little salt and I’m … Continue reading

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With a Bang

First of all, I’m overwhelmed by the response to my request for donations to the 5K I’m walking in a few weeks! The donation page is going to be up until April 30, so please stop by if you can … Continue reading

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Spring is, quite possibly, my favorite time of year. Besides the longer days, warmer weather, and everyone’s general better mood, the produce is just fantastic. After months and months of potatoes, hard squashes, root vegetables, and other things that grow … Continue reading

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Un Fabuleux Fin de Semaine

**Long and photo-heavy post ahead! Rather than spreading this weekend’s events out through 3 or 4 posts, they’re all going into one long post. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!** Why is the post title in French? You’ll soon find … Continue reading

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