The Pescetarian Summer

First of all, thank you so much for your positive feedback on my last post. I was nervous to post it, and so many of you were so supportive…I remember why I do this. It's the community, the friends, the sharing parts of me and my history and weirdo brain with other people who "get it."

So yes, posts may be more sporadic, and they'll definitely feature more healthy recipes and fewer treats. It's probably a good thing… after all, this is "What's for DINNER" not "What's for DESSERT".


Ok, about that challenge I mentioned: I'm self-imposing a challenge for the summer. I'm going pescetarian. You know, vegetarian while still eating fish. Not Nemo, of course, but here's my rationale:

  • Giving myself the smaller box of "no meat but fish" will require a larger intake of fruits and vegetables, which is much healthier than what I've been eating.
  • Fish is expensive. If I can't afford it, I won't eat it. That means we'll really be eating mostly vegetarian.
  • Why not all-the-way vegetarian? Or even vegan for that matter? I love sushi, and at camp we order grilled fish from a local restaurant on Tuesdays, and that makes me happy.
  • I'm actually really excited about this, which will keep me motivated.
  • I'm forced to plan for lunches rather than relying on quick fixes. Planned, homemade lunches = healthier choices.
  • Seafood and veggies are quick to cook after a long day at camp. I can handle 6 minutes for some shrimp or veggies.

So, I'm revisiting some old favorite recipes: Black bean burgers, baked tofu, veggie-full pasta dishes, seafood stew, and of course coming up with new stuff too.

We'll be eating black bean burgers, tuna casserole, shrimp kebabs, and spinach salads this week for dinner, and I've got a fun salad with apples, pears, sunflower seeds, and feta for lunches.

Anyone want to join me with their own challenge for the next 10 weeks? We can check in on Sundays, plan for the week, and share ideas!

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17 Responses to The Pescetarian Summer

  1. quix says:

    Sounds yummy! I tend to eat that way myself – lots of veggies and beans and whole grains and fruits and greek yogurt and some nuts, fish, and dairy. Meat other than fish about one meal every other day. I feel much better when I keep the big meaty meals to a minimum, but I don’t do well completely without it! Good luck!
    quix´s last blog post ..Week 21: #dontdieBSLT2013

  2. Janine says:

    Great challenge for the summertime! I tend to eat this way most of the time at home, so I really look forward to seeing your meals and recipes!

  3. Just Me says:

    That is such a co- incidence ! I started being a pescatarian about 6 weeks ao. My love for animals finally connected and just went right off of meat and poultry. I am finding pretty easy and my husband loves it! I have lost some weight and that is all while eating pasta and pizza and fish and chips! I would be happy to join you and weigh in on Sundays. 🙂

  4. Lisa says:

    I was a vegetarian for over a decade. I ate fish, though so I guess I was pescatarian. I really only ate salmon because at the time it was the only thing I knew how to cook. LOL

  5. Gwyn says:

    I have been eating healthier at my house and am REALLY excited to see your recipes. I would love to go Pescetarian, but my husband is extremely unwilling. So I make due. I will be avidly following along though and look forward to hearing your results and recipes!!

  6. Biz says:

    I am doing Insanity for 60 days – today is day 8 and last week I lost 3.8 pounds! It helped that I:

    1. Did a lunch workout of 40 minutes (nothing too stressful, walking or swimming)
    2. I drank a minimum of 2L of water a day
    3. I didn’t drink alcohol – you know I love my wine!
    4. Didn’t snack on cheese
    5. Did 40 minutes of Insanity each night

    We’ll see how week 2 goes! You can do it Mara! 😀
    Biz´s last blog post ..Lemon Poppy Seed Granola

  7. I’ve been trying to eat a lot more fish, too. I always forget about it as a healthy option! Just make sure you monitor the mercury levels. I started eating it a bunch and one of my family members saw all my pics and reminded me you have to be careful of that!
    Dinner at Christina’s´s last blog post ..Made eCourse

  8. Jennifer says:

    Love the Nemo sushi! I will join you with a challenge of my own. Last summer I went sugar-free for 40 days. I felt AWESOME, but ultimately caved to the sugar monster and went back to my un-healthy ways. I have been wanting to do it again, and now seems like the perfect time. I am vowing right here, right now, to go sugar-free starting tomorrow (today is my birthday…had to have a piece of cake with my kiddoes 🙂 I would love to check in on Sundays with you, and track my progress and plan for the week. Thanks for the inspiration, and have fun with the Pescetarian Summer. Sounds yummy, and I can’t wait to hear more about the fun salad you described!

  9. Maryz says:

    I tend to eat this way and have finally gotten my family on board. I do cook burgers occassionally, but we have successfully transitioned over to the Pescetarian lifestyle. Summertime=lighter meals!!

  10. Biz says:

    I found a new food blog you might like – I am making an orange poppy seed dressing for dinner tonight from this blog – might give you some ideas??
    Biz´s last blog post ..Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

  11. Jenny says:

    Call me crazy, but I think this summer I’d like to push my vegetarianism and go largely vegan. I eat too many eggs. So far, so good!

  12. Andie says:

    I love that you’re doing this: it actually works really well and I loved doing it. Many people think that it’s hard to find dishes that are just fish, but I found that every single restaurant had a few really good dishes. If you want a suggestion for a celebration night when you don’t have to eat quite so healthy, try the shrimp tacos at Chile’s. I know chile’s doesn’t have the best reputation, but the tacos are amazing. (I’m assuming shrimp are included in the fish category) Good luck!

  13. Louise Bloom says:

    That’s a yummy challenge! I’d love to join you but I’d go for raw vegan diet. Been doing it for 2weeks now. So far so good. Great share!Thanks

  14. I think that sounds great! you can do it. I am trying to eat more veggies and fruits too!
    Jenn@slim-shoppin´s last blog post ..Meet Janette – Weight Loss Super Star – 250+ pounds lost!

  15. mom says:

    excellent!!! fish and salads… what a great summer challenge… love you, sweetie of mine!

  16. Biz says:

    Is tomorrow the first Wednesday in numbers??? I always look forward to it!

    This weather has got to get warmer – I actually swam outside today at lunch and it took me six laps to get up the courage to put my head under the water!
    Biz´s last blog post ..The Little Goat

  17. Marianne says:

    I often think I could be vegetarian if it weren’t for 3 things – my mom’ turkey dinner, bacon, and seafood. Oh, and duck. You have more willpower than I would – I think I would fail horribly at only eating seafood. Or I would just ring up a huge grocery bill splurging on all the seafood. I am looking forward to the recipes you share 🙂
    Marianne´s last blog post ..Dietitians of Canada National Conference 2013 Recap

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