Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Ok, ok, I caved, just like I said I wouldn't. Whatever. I'm a Mexican food addict and have so many delicious Mexican recipes that would be perfect for your Cinco de Mayo celebration! But first, the Spanish teacher in me needs to give you a brief history lesson on Cinco de Mayo. It is not, as many people think, Mexican Independence Day. That's September 16th. Cinco de Mayo (the 5th of May, not exactly a creative holiday name) is the celebration of the victory of the small Mexican army over the giant French army in the battle at Puebla during the Mexican Revolutionary War. This battle is often considered "the beginning of the end" of the Mexican Revolutionary War, hence the celebration. There. Don't you feel smarter? Now, onto the food:

 Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Tequila Steak Tacos


Crispy Shrimp Tacos


Chicken Mole Negro


Cafe Poca Cosa-Inspired Tamale Pie


Green Chile Pork Stew


Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes


Green Burritos


Fiesta Elote Bowls


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  1. I remember the mole sauce – didn’t you get that recipe from Rick Bayless on twitter Mara? I seem to remember that….
    Jenn@slim-shoppin´s last blog post ..Pantry soup!

  2. mom says:

    i just emailed you a recipe!

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