What I Love Wednesday

Some of my very favorite blogs do a "fun things around the internets" list at least once a week. Jessica at How Sweet Eats does one on Tuesday. Shutterbean does "I Love Lists, Friday!" Ashley over at Edible Perspective does her 10 Things Worth Noting.

I do Wednesdays in Numbers over the summer, but I'm thinking this may be a weekly thing until camp starts. We'll see how it goes!

Now, I'm not saying that all the things I'm sharing are things that are new to the world, but are likely new to me. Keep in mind: I have a ridiculous sense of humor that verges on inappropriate much of the time, and I'm also a crazy cat lady. You've been warned.

Easter -9.jpg

1. Please tell me you've seen this compilation of goats yelling like humans. I don't know or care if they're real, but they crack me up, the lone sheep and the last one in particular.

2. On that same note, a student showed me seals yelling like humans. Also hilarious and odd.

3. I swear this is the last something yelling like something else thing, but this goat yelling like Taylor Swift made me "stupid laugh" for about 5 minutes. In front of students. I think I snorted.

4. The Spanish teacher nerd in me is dying for this t-shirt.

5. My friend Jenny's new blog concept is phenomenal. She's an amazing writer and fantastically hilarious.

6. New punctuation marks that we all need, desperately.

7. And seriously, these are dogs in panty hose. Another moment of stupid laughter with snorting.

8. Apparently, chocolate can indeed make certain things worse.

9. "She got me a gun rack. I do not own A gun, let alone many guns, to necessitate a rack." The Waynes World cast reunited for a few (albeit terrifying) photos!

10. This cracks me up. The funniest things I get on papers that my students turn in is when they forget the ñ in the word año…because ano means anus. Though my coworker got a sentence about "testículos" once…

And because I love you all, here's a baby sloth.




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