Merrick {Two Years Old}

When photographing baby Blayne the other day, I had the pleasure of also photographing his adorable cousin Merrick. Merrick is two, and absolutely adorable. He followed directions better than many of my campers, and definitely better than some of my students! He loved saying "cheese" and thought it was hilarious when I'd ask him to say "macaroni and cheese" or "T-Rex".

The cutest thing? He's in love with his baby cousin!

Blayne & Merrick-7Blayne & Merrick

Blayne & Merrick-10

Blayne & Merrick-13

Blayne & Merrick-14

Blayne & Merrick-15

Blayne & Merrick-17

Blayne & Merrick-16

A big thanks to Merrick's mom Celeste for trusting me to photograph her adorable boy!



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