Vegan Millet Bowls: Veggie-Full and Gluten-Free

I've never been one to label my recipes with some "tag" that will get people to read the post, nor have I been one to succumb to a silly trend that happens on blogs from time to time. Besides, I'm a bit of a "food hipster." I ate things LONG before they were cool on blogs.

My mom hid veggies in meatloaf in 1985, years before it was a blogger trend. Spinach in smoothies? Yeah, my dad did that in the 90s. My cousins made vegan cookies in my grandma's kitchen for the 1994 Grateful Dead tour they were on… or "vegan cooies" as their handmade sign said. Quinoa, bulgur, lentils, all those "trendy" "super foods" that are all over the healthy-living blog world these days? Yeah, been there, done that, got the t-shirt then outgrew it.

So, for me to put both "vegan" and "gluten free" in a headline must REALLY mean something, right?


I put "vegan" because, well, they're vegan. I put gluten-free because many people don't know about the glorious grain that is millet, and the fact that it's gluten-free and a similar (if not better) texture as rice.

About millet: it's an African grain very commonly found in multi-grain breads, usually described by little kids as "the little yellow balls". The grains themselves look like mustard seeds, but puff up significantly when cooked. The final texture is creamy, almost risotto-like, and the grains remain chewy.

Now I really sound like a food blogger.

vegan millet bowl

For this lovely vegan millet bowl, there really is no recipe, as you can tailor it to your own tastes. I happen to really love cooked spinach, popped baby tomatoes (cooked until the skins pop) and red peppers.

A bit of basil and sides of some Gliding Calm Tofu and roasted brussels sprouts and my millet bowl was complete!

The lesson here? A base of grains, some favorite veggies and a bit of protein make a phenomenal meal. Period.

In other news, I finally decided to bite the bullet and open an Etsy shop featuring my fun crochet creations!


Right now, there are only four items, but there are more to come for sure!

Thanks in advance for checking me out.



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6 Responses to Vegan Millet Bowls: Veggie-Full and Gluten-Free

  1. Lauren says:

    Haha, I just love you! And you have always been hip in my book. 🙂 And that was even before you made me some deliciously trendy quinoa salad. 🙂 <3 you to death girly!

  2. I just made baked tofu the other night! My kid has loved it for years… only he’s a bit nudgy and will only eat it with soy sauce. The rub sounds interesting!

  3. glidingcalm says:

    I have never made Millet… can you BELEED DAT?! i know! I need to get on that! I’ll put it on my grocery list that is right next to me as I type! 😀

    also thanks for the tofu shout out! HOLLER

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