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I was recently contacted by about their second annual "Cupcake Crown" cupcake contest, and after reading a bit about it, I'm convinced: I need to enter. I mean, just the shot at possibly winning a $2500 vacation to Miami is enough to raise my spirits in this drab, freezing, grey winter. Besides, I think fairly highly of my cupcake creations! The contest is judged in two ways: the grand prize is selected by popular vote, and the "editors choice" is based on creativity, originality, and sense of fun and originality. This is where you come in: I cannot, for the life of me, decide which of my very favorite cupcake creations I should submit for the contest! I have a gut feeling that I should submit one over the others, but I just have to see what you all say! It's as easy as playing a game at FoxyBingo to answer... just click the poll answer that corresponds to the photo you think I should submit.

cupcake collage

Thank you all in advance for your help! I swear, if I could submit all of them, I would... but alas, there can only be one. Feel free to leave comments if you have a different suggestion as to which cupcake I should submit! Peruse my Cupcakes page for ideas!   xoxo signature
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  1. Jackie says:

    Cupcake 2 is the most unique- taking another dessert and turning it into cupcake form I think would give you an edge in creativity.

    Cupcake 4 would be my 2nd choice- it’s pretty and the candied lime slice is also unique.

    Cupcake 1 and 3, while I’m sure are super delicious, don’t really stand out (to me) in any kind of way. Although who knows, even though it’s pretty over done, they’ll probably end up choosing a salted caramel cupcake to win the whole thing!

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