Top 12 of 2012

Every year, I swear I'm not going to do a top whatever post, and then every year I'm asked "hey, will you do a top whatever post?" So here I am.

But first, something for you to do: The holidays are all about doing good things for people... and I'd like to do something nice for my sister Leigh. She's had an amazing year at Cafe des Architectes here in Chicago, and it's one of her dreams to win a James Beard award. Please help her achieve this by visiting this link , logging in (they dont' send spam, I promise!), and voting for Leigh Omilinsky of Cafe des Architectes in Chicago, IL in the Great Lakes region. Votes will only be taken through December 28, and I swear, it only takes a minute!

Now, on to those top 12 posts. This has been a year of more sporadic, yet more quality posts. I think this is the direction my blog will be taking as I finish up grad school and do the whole "living not blogging" thing.

Let's do a countdown, shall we? These are by statistics alone, and some of the results may surprise you!

12. Avenger-Inspired Chicken Shawarma Roll-Ups

Nothing like a superhero movie to inspire a delicious Mediterranean meal!


11. Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Bowls

Cheese, chicken, avocado, sour cream, and did I mention cheese?


10. Brussels Sprouts Afelia

After a trip to Washington, DC, my mom recreated a delicious dish from a restaurant she visited there.


9. Whole Wheat Monkey Muffins

Vaguely channeling my grandmother in a banana-chocolate-peanut butter muffin.


8. Cinnamon Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Made as a thank you to the amazing secretaries in our school building!


7. Croissants From Scratch

In a complete brush with insanity, I made croissants from scratch…and I really should do that again sometime.


6. The Best Casserole (Neapolitan Casserole)


5. Lime-Blackberry Cupcakes

These were my favorite cupcakes I've made to date. That's saying something…


4. Wordless Chipotle Bowls


3. Cauliflower Crust Pizza

I tried this one after the trend hit the blog world, and we weren't let down with the results!


2. The Capitol Lamb and Dried Plum Stew

Inspired by the Hunger Games, I attempted to recreate a dish that was described so beautifully in the book.


1. Crafty Tutorial: How To Crochet a Super-Bulky Infinity Scarf

I'm a little surprised that THE MOST POPULAR post, by tens of thousands of views, isn't even a food post. I have Pinterest to thank for that, and the popularity of the post has rekindled my true love for crocheting.


So there you have it, my top 12 of 2012!

2012 Collage

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2 Responses to Top 12 of 2012

  1. Wendy @ AMFT says:

    I’m so glad you did a top 12 post…so many great recipes! 🙂
    Wendy @ AMFT´s last blog post ..Top 10 AMFT Recipes of 2012

  2. Cynthia L. says:

    I love your top for 2012! There are so many great dishes, I am not sure which I would like to try first. I know my daughter would love the cauliflower pizza!

    Found your site from Food Blogger Friends!

    Cynthia L.´s last blog post ..Back to Normal and Best of 2012

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