Photo Shoot: Owens Family Christmas Photos

Quite a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of taking the Christmas photos for a family I've known for a very long time. When I first met the Owens', the younger girl, M, was just barely four years old, and a total spitfire. E, the eldest, was responsible and great to her younger siblings. C, the boy, was a complete and total shy guy who turned into a goofball once he was comfortable. Not much has changed! I was absolutely thrilled when the mom emailed to see if I was available to do the family's Christmas card photos. I met the Owens' through working at my day camp, so it was really fun to see them in the colder weather of late fall. We started off with a few fun shots of the kids, who had seen the "snow" photos from my previous shoot and desperately wanted to try them. Each kid got a few individual shots, and then one with mom. We couldn't get dad to be in any photos though!

Owens Christmas-9-XL

Owens Christmas-3

Owens Christmas-4

Owens Christmas-5

Owens Christmas-5-XL

Owens Christmas-6

Owens Christmas-7

Owens Christmas-8

Owens Christmas-9

Skylar and Lizz stopped by to join in the fun too!


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