Wednesday in Numbers: County Fair




Those are the 3 words that describe me right now. Thanks to a lovely shower and Chinese food, I'm no longer "stinky" or "hungry".

We spent the day today at the Lake County Fair, riding rides, eating fun foods, and seeing absolutely beautiful farm animals.

So, by the numbers:

204: Campers in attendance

17: Campers in my group

3: Junior counselors who helped my group

46: Minutes spent on the bus

6: Times on the bus I was asked "Are we there yet?"

15,432: Times I heard my name called today

5: Maximum number of syllables my name had today. You figure that one out.

17: Beautiful dairy cows visited




12: Shorn sheep petted


3: Crazy turkeys stared at


1: Super-awesome rooster


1: Fun fact about chickens: the color of their ears determines the color of egg the chicken will lay!

14: Baby chicks scurrying

9: Times I had to say "no, you can't buy one"


37: Squishy little bunnies cooed at


4: Rides ridden (spinning elephants, giant slide, kids' roller coaster, swings)

3: Games played which involved spinning a wheel to select a prize

2: Times the girls got their faces painted

45: Dollars spent on annoying noisemaking trumpets

105: Heat index for today

93: Heat index in Tucson

1: Beautiful sunset


8: Hours of sleep I'm hoping to get

I promise there will be food posts soon!



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4 Responses to Wednesday in Numbers: County Fair

  1. Rebecca says:

    I am amazed that you are able to keep going as a camp counselor! I think I’d totally melt in the heat at this point. i don’t have the kind of energy or patience it takes to do day camp any more!

  2. The kids are lucky to have you Mara!!! I want the bunny!! I think my cat Neva would think differently though!!! Have a great day, hope it cooled off for you!
    Roz@weightingfor50´s last blog post ..Yet another birthday to celebrate!!!

  3. layla says:

    sorry, i don’t get it. do you actually count all of these things?

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