Saturday Stuff

1. After 3 corneal abrasions in 4 months, I've decided to give up contacts for a while. It's the only common thread I can find in all 3 instances. New contacts = scratched cornea? No thank you. 2. Said corneal abrasion forced me to miss Fingernail Friday. So below, find my two (relatively crazy) manicures for the week:

photo 1

Tiny Chuck Taylors


Turquoise and black "lace"

3. I know I've missed a few Cute Food Saturdays. But, I do rather miss finding new cute food around the internet, so here's one to tide you all over:



4. I have a lot of cooking to do today, much ilke 23 other bloggers across the country.

5. I lost another 2 pounds this week! LOVING the South Beach Diet!!

6. Congratulations to Heather and Mark on their marriage!

7. Mazel tov to Sabrina and Trig on the birth of their baby!

Back tomorrow with a fabulous post. I promise!

Any requests for next week's Fingernail Friday?



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4 Responses to Saturday Stuff

  1. Holly says:

    How about Jack O’Lanterns? Or pumpkins? 😛

    Amy Green @ Simply Sugar and Gluten Free has recipes for Socca Pizza in her cookbook. Delish!

  2. Avocado deviled eggs.. I’ve never heeard of such a thing! I love eggs and guac together though so I’m sure they’re fabulous! Love your mini pumpkin cheesecakes too! bookmarking for future reference 😀
    sarah@spinach and spice´s last blog post ..Why I Love College: The Series

  3. janetha says:

    the term “corneal abrasion” makes me cringe. you poor thing!
    janetha´s last blog post ..penises & pianists.

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