Green Mojo

I've been saying for months that I've lost my cooking mojo. With the stress of last winter, then the craziness of Summer and camp, and now with the beginning of the school year, I just didn't have the energy or desire to come home and cook a meal.

But now, I'm into a rhythm with school again, and I'm into a groove with this whole South Beach Diet thing. In fact, there's a whole new page up in the menu bar up there ^ called South Beach Diet. (I wasn't very creative.) I'll post any recipes or update posts there as well as here on the main page.

I've been searching various recipe blogs, and at the suggestion of a reader, I checked out the blog Kalyn's Kitchen. What a goldmine that site is! There are HUNDREDS of recipes for all three phases of South Beach, and since I'm still in Phase 1, I was fascinated by the array of recipes that are Phase 1 friendly (meaning no sugar, flour, or really carbs of any sort outside of veggies.)

I was intrigued by this recipe for Turkey Chili Verde by Simply Recipes. And I can't leave well enough alone when it comes to recipes, I made a few changes.

  • I used lean pork loin instead of turkey
  • I didn't have chipotle powder, so I left it out
  • I used dry oregano

The ingredients were a brilliant green, and took on each others' colors wonderfully.


Before I knew it, I was chopping, roasting, food processing, dicing… and I felt miraculously like myself. The sting in my eyes while I chopped the onions, the squish of the tomatillos, and the aroma of roasting garlic seemed to slowly repair something that I didn't know was broken.

The result was green, hearty, spicy, and delicious.


The toppings were simple: a lime slice, fresh cilantro, and crumbled queso fresco. Queso fresco doesn't melt for some reason, so it makes a great topping for most dishes. I did wish I had a touch of sour cream since the spice was a little out of control in some bites.


I have another green thing in the fridge… but I'm unsure that I'll share it with you. It's a dessert, and the verdict is still out as its still chilling. I'll let you know tomorrow.

So my dears, I'm happy to say…

My mojo is BACK!



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7 Responses to Green Mojo

  1. Rebecca says:

    I love that your cooking mojo is back!

  2. Mama Pea says:

    I don’t think you lost your mojo. Your nails have been looking pretty mojolicious. <3

  3. Marianne says:

    If you see my mojo, can you send it my way? Actually, that’s a lie – I’ve been in the kitchen a lot. I just wish I had more time to work on the recipes in my head! LOL

    Great looking chili!

  4. Biz says:

    Hooray for getting your cooking mojo back!! I made a chili last night too for lunch today – followed the recipe exactly and it was even too spicy for me! I ended up having to add chicken broth and cooked brown rice to bring it around, which made my pot of chili 20 cups!

    But there’s nothing like comforting chili to bring a smile to your face – hugs!

  5. Amy Miller says:

    This looks REALLY good! and I love that you can have it on Atkins.
    So glad to hear you’ve got your mojo back! I’ve been so busy I haven’t posted much either but I have been cooking and taking photos so have some good things stored up to shared (they’ll be a bit out of season now that I think of it). Keep these yummy recipes coming girl!

  6. I love spicy soups! Looking forward to fall evenings with a big bowl of soup just like this 🙂

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