Sensational Sunday!

How is it Sunday again already? Oh, that's right, a week off always goes faster than a week at work...

It's been a great week off, and I had an opportunity to truly relax which was desperately needed. Camp is going to be underway at 7a.m. tomorrow, and I'm extremely excited to have an excuse to be very active again.


If this is your first Sensational Sunday, just a little background: Our blogging community is so willing to help each other out when it comes to recipes, crafts, ideas, and fun stuff... so why not start putting it in one place? I started Sensational Sundays as a place for bloggers and non-bloggers to share their favorite posts and sites from the previous week all in one convenient single post!

So my bloggy friends, share your favorite post from the week! Just click the "add link" button below.

And my non-bloggy friends, did you find something really cool online this week? Share it here!



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2 Responses to Sensational Sunday!

  1. Roz says:

    Hi Mara, glad you had a good week off!!!! Can’t wait to check out the sensational links. Have a good Monday!

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