Watery Wednesday {Giveaway Post}

Instead of a Wordless Wednesday this week, we're going with a different W that I don't talk about on here a lot.


I don't know about you, but I drink a TON of water. I mean, about 100 oz or more per day. It started as a habit when I first started Weight Watchers years ago, but now it's just normal.

How, you might be wondering, do I drink that much water and manage a teacher's schedule? Teachers develop this thing called "teacher bladder." I've pretty much trained myself to make it from prep period to prep period without a problem... and now you know too much about me.

I have quite a collection of water bottles too. I have a purple Nalgene bottle, a printed aluminum bottle from Old Navy, a glass bottle that the Yoplait people sent me, and a few random plastic ones. I've always coveted Camelbak water bottles and packs, but I've never owned my own.

So, when the people at Camelbak offered to send me a new Groove bottle to try out, how could I say no??

It arrived yesterday, and I quickly assembled it. A water bottle that requires assembly? What? Yeah, the Groove bottle has an internal filter to guarantee "great tasting water anywhere." And, it has this cool bite valve that makes it super easy to drink more water.

I brought it to work with me to really test it out. See? It had a fun day on my desk.


It's 600 mL, or about 21 oz, and I really gave it a full trial run today. I sent my students to fill it up at the "gross" water fountain. You know the one I'm talking about. Every school had one. The one with the kinda warm, not so refreshing, very metallic-tasting water that most kids avoid like the plague. I sent them there to see if the filter actually worked... and by George it did! The water from the nasty drinking fountain tasted just as good as the filtered water from the water cooler!

And, by the way, my normal 100 oz. was upped to 120 today, simply because the bite valve was fun to drink out of. Don't ask about how the teacher bladder handled that...

Since they rock, the people at Camelbak offered to give one of you your very own Groove water bottle! It might be pink like mine, or maybe blue... or grey... I really like my pink one though!


To enter, simply leave me a comment answering one (or both) of the following two questions:

  • How much water do you typically drink in a day?
  • Where was the "nasty" water fountain in your school growing up?

For an additional entry, "like" Camelbak on Facebook and come back and leave a second comment that you've done so.

Winner will be announced Friday evening, April 29.

Good luck, and happy hydrating!



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129 Responses to Watery Wednesday {Giveaway Post}

  1. ■How much water do you typically drink in a day? I actually keep two 24oz camelbak bottles on my desk and drink about 6 of them a day, so about 144 oz. …and that’s a ‘normal’ day. If it’s been extra hot, I’ve been known to drink 8 bottles (192 oz)?!

    ■Where was the “nasty” water fountain in your school growing up? Oh goodness, I haven’t thought about that in ages, but at my elementary school I remember the fountain by the lunch tables was in full sun and the water was always very warm and had that special flavor. No one used it! …they’d use the one that was outside the bathrooms on the other end of the lunch tables closer to the playground. I don’t remember it tasting like filtered water, but it def wasn’t warm.
    Mary (What’s Cookin’ with Mary)´s last blog post ..A Not So Wordless Monday

  2. Valerie says:

    I think I drink about 80-100 ounces while I’m at work, and probably another 20-40 at home in the evening, sometimes more if I go running.

  3. Tamara Navarro says:

    How much water do I usually drink?! A TON!! lol I am drinking water every second of the day. I keep an allumninum water bottle on my desk at work and fill it up about 3 times a day ,everyday. When I get home I am constantly getting glasses of water. I can’t get enough!

    Where was the “Nasty” water fountain?
    I actually remember back in elementary this waterfountain right before you get out to the blacktop it was just as you described…warm,metal tasting and just gross!

  4. I probably drink about 140oz. of water a day, give or take some. I really try to stay up on it especially after working out (which is usually when I want it the least!)

    In school I was always turned off by how the water fountains were usually placed right outside the bathrooms. That just didn’t sit well with me if you know what I mean…
    Natalia – a side of simple´s last blog post ..things just learned

  5. I’ve liked Camelback on FB 🙂
    Natalia – a side of simple´s last blog post ..things just learned

  6. I try to drink 32 oz. at work and more when I get home.

    HOWEVER, I noticed, if I don’t fill up my big ass mug right when I get to work, the next thing you know its lunch and all I’ve had is coffee to drink. So that’s one thing that helps me.

    Love the bottle – any color is awesome!

  7. Cheryl says:

    Gee not enough!! I need to hydrate more..

  8. Cheryl says:

    My school luckily was pretty clean.. I think I drank more soda than water!!

  9. Malia Basch says:

    I know I don’t drink enough water….maybe 16-30 oz a day??

  10. Sarah Horn says:

    I do NOT drink enough water during the day! I MIGHT drink 20 ounces a day! I just got diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I can no longer drink caffeine, diet drinks with that fake sugar, tea…..pretty much everything I drink now…
    I am trying hard to drink more water, but it is so hard for me!! Expecially when I see reports on what is in the water these days… uck!

  11. Christina says:

    Oh fun!! I drink water ALL. DAY. LONG. It’s pretty much the only thing I drink b/c I’m cheap and won’t spring for drinks that cost anything. haha Plus, our fridge has a chiller/filter built in so it’s easy. I would say I drink between 2-3 liters a day.

    The nasty water fountain in elementary school was in the “old” section of the school. They had these “pods” for 2nd and 4th grade w/ their own wing, bathrooms, etc. and those fountains were disgusting. Middle school and high school ironically were gross by the cafeteria and gym – the 2 places you’d want them most!
    Christina´s last blog post ..These are my confessions

  12. Christina says:

    I just liked them on FB!
    Christina´s last blog post ..These are my confessions

  13. I have the hardest time getting water in me! I have no idea why it’s so difficult but I have to force myself to drink it. I’m ashamed to say some days I don’t drink any water but I do try to at least get 20 ounces a day.

    Maybe it would help if I had a cool water bottle to drink out of 😉

  14. Ella Dick says:

    ok i am glad it’s not just me. I know i need to drink more water and I don’t . but i want to…. but i also don’t want to make a mess with a jillion empty bottles (my tap water always tastes weird). that filter would definitely help with that.
    as for the nasty water fountain, yep i think pretty much all the fountains were pretty gross. always warm. always metallic tasting.

  15. Amy Johnson says:

    I “like”d Camelbak on FB!

  16. Perry says:

    I run 6 miles at lunch most days and drink about 120oz of water while in the office. Pretty cool bottle! Sure would love to have a Camelbak Groove for pre & post run hydration! The nasty water fountain was outside the gym by the locker rooms. Funny, that’s where the nasty water fountain is at work too – just outside the gym by the locker rooms. It’s not just nasty, it’s one of those fountains that seems to only work when it wants to…I definitely need a Camelbak Groove!

  17. Erin says:

    I love Camelbak water bottles. I have three, but I don’t have this water filter one. I teach middle school, and the bad water fountain is in our team area. The good water fountain is in my classroom (we have sinks with water fountains in some of the rooms at our school)!

  18. Erin says:

    I went and “liked” the camelbak site.
    Erin´s last blog post ..Dukes

  19. Cellabella says:

    I try to drink at least 4 tall glasses of water a day, but I don’t think I always make the mark – and I don’t think my coffee drinking helps either 😉

  20. Molly says:

    I love my Camelbak water bottles! I drink at least 100 oz a day, if not more. I always have my water bottle with me at meetings and with clients. Thankfully I get breaks during the day.

    I don’t remember ever using a drinking fountain in school…I’m sure they were nasty.

  21. Oh gosh, typicallý I drink at least 175 ounces a day, sometimes much more. I drink from multiple Gaiam water bottles that are just a bit over 25 ounces each and I finish them quickly. I keep them in the fridge so they are nice and cold 🙂

    And I can’t remember there being a nasty water fountain!
    April @ Grits and Granola Bars´s last blog post ..Scale shredding

  22. Alyssa Reinke says:

    I’ve been trying really hard to try and drink 1/2 a gallon of water a day. It actually tends to be really hard for me to do. I tend to drink most of my water during meals.

    There’s always a nasty water fountain. Even at my work, and at college. You just have to know where the best one is to go to for the best water ever!

  23. Alyssa Reinke says:

    Oh I also “liked” camelbak on facebook, I want to win this sexy prize 😉

  24. I liked Camelbak on FB
    MightyMite Runner´s last blog post ..High on the Miles

  25. Liz says:

    I normally drink quite a bit of water during the day… I talk all day long so I tend to need the water to keep my throat from being dry! I have a camelbak similar to that but without the filter… I can only imagine how awesome it would be to have a filter built in!

    the nasty bubbler (as we like to call them in wisconsin) was located at my grade school outside of the gym. Warm & iron-y tasting. Yuck.

  26. EWWwww… the water fountain behind the portables in Elem. school were the worst but the only ones we were alowed to use during recess.
    MightyMite Runner´s last blog post ..High on the Miles

  27. Tiffany says:

    I TRY drinking about 50-60 oz per day.
    Sometimes more…sometimes less.
    I just bought a new water bottle with a built in straw and you really have to work to get the water out.
    I’d love you try the Camelbak water bottle!

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