Winning Combinations

What do you get when you put me, my best friend Lizz, her daughter Skylar together with a fun new project and the promise of a great blog post? Some cuteness with some excellent photos is what, and countless "balls" jokes...which you'll understand in a minute!

I discovered Bakerella's cupcake bites about a year ago, and they've been lurking in my brain since. I love the idea of them, and you all know me and my cute food obsession! Since our oven is busted, I enlisted LIzz's oven and the help of her and Skylar to create this adorable project as part of my sister's birthday present.

Step 1: Bake a cake. We used Funfetti mix (since Skylar said we had to do rainbow colored cake.)

cupcake bites

Allow Dad to lick the bowl, and kids to lick the beaters!

cupcake bites


cupcake bites

Step 2: Instruct 5-year-old to crumble the cake with her hands

cupcake bites

cupcake bites

Step 3: Mix 1 can frosting in with the crumbled cake

cupcake bites

Step 4: With wet hands, roll the cake mixture into small balls, about 3/4" in diameter.

cupcake bites

Step 5: Melt chocolate and colored candy melts to a liquid consistency. We used the "double boiler" method.

cupcake bites

cupcake bites

Step 5: Squeeze melted chocolate into the bottom of a cup-shaped candy mold.

cupcake bites

cupcake bites

Step 6: Give 5-year-old your iPhone to play games on while Mommy and Mara do the "grown up" part of the project.

cupcake bites

Step 7: Press chilled cake balls into the chocolate-filled molds and allow to cool. Remove from mold and repeat.

cupcake bites

cupcake bites

Step 8: Dip top halves of mini cupcakes into colored candy melts, and decorate with sprinkles and upside-down M&Ms.

cupcake bites

cupcake bites

Step 9: Commence taking ridiculous number of pictures of adorable mini cupcakes!

cupcake bites

cupcake bites

cupcake bites

cupcake bites

Step 10: Package in boxes

cupcake bites

cupcake bites

Step 11: Devour the leftovers!

cupcake bites

cupcake bites

Step 12: Join family for Leigh's birthday celebration full of family recipes, including roasted chicken and fillets, and an apple cake you'll be seeing again!











Step 13: Announce winner of the BBQ Package contest from ICBINB

Comment #40, which was Nina!! Congratulations! I'll email you for your address and get you in contact with your benefactor!



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20 Responses to Winning Combinations

  1. Lauren says:

    I’m not sure what is cuter, Skylar or the cupcakes! 🙂
    Lauren´s last blog post ..Tolys Surprise 25th Birthday Party

  2. VeggieGirl says:

    Perfect post title for a perfect celebration! 😀

  3. Oh my….I want those little cupcakes now! 🙂
    Melissa (MelissaLikesToEat)´s last blog post ..1390Double Pasta Leftovers

  4. Nina says:

    I must have one of those cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wei-Wei says:

    That is WAY too cute. I just loooove Bakerella – I wonder if it’d work with homemade frosting, though.

  6. Tyler says:

    I did not know that it was possible to make funfetti even more fun! Those look amazing!
    Tyler´s last blog post ..Shrimp Paella and B-Day Recap

  7. O.M.G. i had something similar to that when there was a food festival in town…so freak’n delicious. i had one in carrot cake, red velvet and walnut. tasttttyyyyyyyy!
    Melissa @ TryingToHeal´s last blog post ..I Should Be Barred

  8. I’m in love! Sounds like you and the ladies had a picture perfect evening. I feel privileged to have had a sneak peek of this deliciousness. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what was in store for Leigh’s birthday celebration! Happy belated to her!
    Jenn (eating bender)´s last blog post ..24 Reasons Why I Said Yes

  9. Marianne says:

    Um, I’m pretty sure I need to make those because they are awesome. Wonder if I could do it with homemade cake and frosting instead. Like…chocolate cake and peanut butter frosting? Oh hells yes!
    Marianne´s last blog post ..A Day In The Life – Monday Edition

  10. MizFit says:

    I lovelovelove all the photos.

    MizFit´s last blog post ..How to get sponsored for conferences

  11. Oh my goodness! This sounds SO sinful!! Wish I could taste test one 😉
    Mary (What’s Cookin’ with Mary)´s last blog post ..Cabernet Meat Sauce

  12. Debby says:

    Those little cupcakes looks delicious 🙂
    Debby´s last blog post ..Pasta Carbonara

  13. Tracey says:

    Those cupcakes are so cute and actually look like something I would be able to create:)

  14. What a wonderful job you did!!!! 🙂 I know of a lot of people that tried to replicate these and they came out looking like a disaster. Yours, however, are gorgeous!
    TorontoGirloutWest´s last blog post ..A Day for Cheaters

  15. glidingcalm says:

    SO.STINKIN.ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love them!!!!
    glidingcalm´s last blog post ..Love this product!!!

  16. Kathryn says:

    recipe4living.comYum! I wish my baking creations looked that pretty! You should try these banana chocolate chunk cupcakes. They are incredible!
    Kathryn´s last blog post ..Yom Kippur

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