I’ve mentioned before that when Adam requests a meal, it must mean that it was particularly good… so of course, while discussing groceries, when he asked me to make “those falafel things” again, I happily obliged! The original recipe was quite simple and delicious when I made it the first time, but I couldn’t help thinking that it was missing something. I added some fresh parsley to the mix today, as well as some fresh garlic. Instead of JUST pan-cooking them, I browned both sides in a pan and then transferred them to a 400* oven… they were PERFECT! The only thing they were missing was a warm pita and tahini sauce, but those are 2 things that I just don’t keep in the house! I served the falafel on top of some roasted red pepper Sabra hummus with some avocado slices. I was so excited to eat, I almost forgot to take a picture!


These look like they’re either ENORMOUS falafel or a small plate. I assure you, this was served on my 6” salad plate!  I did have a couple additional small falafel, but I’m saving room for my vegetables! I’ll be having a Green Monster for dessert! I had one for breakfast and could not stop thinking about how good it was. I’ll be making a smaller one of course, but the mix was just perfect:

      • 3 cups spinach
      • 2/3 c. vanilla Almond Breeze
      • 6 frozen strawberries
      • VERY ripe banana
      • 2 Tbsp. chocolate PB2 

I couldn’t believe how creamy it was! I was very bummed out when I finished it… so I want another one!

Now… You may be wondering why I called this post “Falafel-o-rama”… Well, I’m so excited to bring you tonight’s Guest for Dinner: Shannon from The Daily Balance! I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful (and freaking GORGEOUS) girl during her trip to Chicago, and I immediately wished she lived closer. She’s such a sweetheart, and has a fantastic blog. I urge you to check it out! Oh, and just wait until you see who her shopping companion is! So, Shannon, pull up a chair, have a seat at my table, and tell us about your meal!

Hello, all! So happy to be a 'guest' of Mara's! I've been meaning to put a post together for A LONG time, but it's a bit of pressure, no?! I mean for those of you who don't read my blog The Daily Balance (www.thedailybalance.com), this is my FIRST impression to show you all that I am capable of making and eating pure deliciousness. Oh boy...

Staying true to form, I chose something easy. Side note -- I can cook, I promise! I often share lots of yummy (and a bit more advanced) recipes, but sometimes we all just need a good "no-fuss-no-muss: meal, no? People, I'm here for ya!

I introduce to you Laughing falafel.

Yes, this falafel has got quite a sense of humor. See the way his lil grill-marks curve upwards, exposing his smug grin? COME ON PEOPLE, I'm not that dense! I utilize laughing cow in the recipe, which is where the stupid clever name comes from 😉

Let's back track a bit, shall we? On one of my recent trips to Whole Foods, VeggieGirl (yes, that's right, I shop with VeggieGirl - be jealous) pointed out that Sunshine Burgers FALAFEL Burgers were available. Holding in my SQUEALING I calmly walked to the freezer and added it to my cart. Since then I have been CRAVING falafel. DREAMING falafel. I couldn't wait to tear the box open to create my masterpiece!

I considered hiding them from the Mister (after all, there are only three per box!). Lord knows, he always gets into my stash -- this would serve him right! But alas, I'm just too perfect of a wife 😉

We finally utilized our toaster oven -- a genius purchase, I might add, made by the Mister (we've used it once, if that's any indication -- I realize sarcasm doesn't read too well).

While we could have used the microwave, I prefer my veggie burgers/falafel burgers/black bean burgers to have a bit of crunch to them, as opposed to mushiness. Using the toaster oven actually worked really will to give me the consistency I was looking for (yay Mister!, the toaster oven actually served a purpose!).

I toasted an Arnold Sandwich Thin and lathered my falafel patty with Laughing Cow (Light Original Swiss). I would have loved to have whipped up a yogurt dill sauce or something, but I didn't have the ingredients (scratch that, let's be honest) I was simply too lazy.

This sandwich was DELICIOUS! The patty was jam packed with incredible ingredients, check out that corn kernel (and cheesy goodness!)

Of course I had to have a sweet ending! The Mister and I curled up on the couch to catch up on Tivo with two bowls of frozen yogurt and hot 'fudge.' The hot fudge was simply fat-free dark chocolate Jell-O Pudding heated up in the microwave for 40 seconds -- trust me on this one, it's delish!

While the Mister and I enjoyed our dinner in harmony, next time may not be so sweet. Like I said, there is only one of the falafel patties left. It's war people, he doesn't stand a chance 😉



Thanks so much Shannon! Note to self… look for falafel burgers in my freezer section… do YOU want to be my Guest for Dinner? Just email me a post about your dinner to mara@imadedinner.net!

A Green Monster is calling my name, but just a reminder: if you would like one of the adorable foodie charms, just fill out the form here and your order will be shipped ASAP!

As usual, I’m exhausted after a day of teaching, grading, and talent show rehearsals… so I’m outie!


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18 Responses to Falafel-O-Rama!

  1. ohhh!! i gotta try that falafel recipe! Also, is PB2 really as good as everyone says it is?!

    Annabel http://www.feedmeimcranky.com´s last blog post..A Blog of Sweet Secrets

  2. brandi says:

    haha – i love all the great falafel-ness in this post! and your green smoothie sounds awesome!

    brandi´s last blog post..Indoor Cookout

  3. DUDE. I love falafel. I can’t live without it. I might just have to eat it for dinner tonight, in fact.

    Wiggs (The Beholder)´s last blog post..Evolution of Wiggs-n-Dave: Part V (The Final Chapter)

  4. coco says:

    both your falafel and Shannon’s falabel burger look delicious~~~ 😀
    green smoothie for dessert? great idea! I need to try that.

    coco´s last blog post..Alone again~~

  5. Tanya says:

    Thanks Shannon – I can’t remember having falafel and I wouldn’t mind getting it already made before I try to make it myself.

    Tanya´s last blog post..Food Journal. A Hungry Man is an Angry Man

  6. I’ve NEVER tried falafel but “those falafel things” look and sound pretty darn good, Mara!

    Lara (Thinspired)´s last blog post..Reality Check (dinner 05/29/09)

  7. Hangry Pants says:

    I must find those falafel patties!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hangry Pants´s last blog post..She Says: Send Me Your Good Vibes!

  8. I’m way interested in trying ‘those falafel things’!

    jennk/cinnamonquill´s last blog post..Mochi Madness

  9. Krista says:

    LOVE the falalef-ness of this post!!! 🙂

    Krista´s last blog post..A Few New Eats

  10. thanks for hosting dinner, lovey! I mus try those falafel things — I love that you paired them with avocado – yum, yum, yum! 😉

    Shannon (The Daily Balance)´s last blog post..Work it – The importance of letting your body rest.

  11. Hahahaha, “those falafel things”….. that is awesome.

    And both recipes look fantastic! I really need to incorporate more falafel into my life.

    Kimberly @ Poor Girl Eats Well´s last blog post..What’s In Store for June

  12. K says:

    Those falafel things – haha!! I’m impressed he requested them. Most guys in my life wouldn’t even touch them (which means more for me 😉 )

    K´s last blog post..Chasing Cars

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  14. mmm, both falafel meals sound so tasty. mara, excellent modifications!

    enjoy the green monster 🙂

    Sarah (Tales of Expansion)´s last blog post..Don’t stress. Fluff!

  15. I love falafels! Hubby and I got falafels on one of our first dates, so falafels will always have a special place in our hearts! 🙂

    I got my foodie charm today and it’s gorgeous! Absolutely love it! 🙂

    Andrea@WellnessNotes´s last blog post..Weekly Meals (June 2 – June 5)

  16. Jude says:

    The only thing that keeps me from making falafels is my fear of deep frying. Looks like they come out just as good pan fried and finished in the oven.

    Jude´s last blog post..Mung Beans and Sticky Rice in Coconut Milk

  17. Megan says:

    That falafel looks delicious, especially with the Sabra hummus — my favorite kind because it’s sooo creamy! Looks like a wonderful meal. Thanks for sharing! And Shannon’s falafel sandwich looks tasty as well!
    [rq=615,0,blog][/rq]Pork Chops With Leeks In Mustard Sauce

  18. Quix says:

    Ooooh, I am going to have to look out for those, they look AWESOME. I haven’t yet made my own because I’ve been lazy about cooking something that doesn’t at least start from a can or box the last 2 weeks, but that’s too easy to pass up!
    .-= Quix´s last blog ..Unexpected “After” Effects =-.

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