Really Cool Thing: FOODIE JEWELRY!!!

I can’t believe it’s finally here! Today has been in the works for SUCH a long time! I’ve talked a lot about my mom on this blog, and her influence and inspiration to my love of food and cooking, but I haven’t talked much about my dad. Sure, I have food memories of my dad, like he made the BEST grilled cheese ever, and had a way of taking 5 containers of leftover Chinese food and making it into something new that he called “Chinese Food Hodge-Podge.” He also had the gift of being able to do a yoga headstand (I’m sure it has a more technical term, but I don’t know it) and he could take 20 minute power naps and wake up completely refreshed. My dad’s talents go above and beyond yoga and napping though. He is an extremely gifted jeweler and sculptor. In fact, it was about a year ago that Adam started secretly conferencing with my dad about making my engagement ring! One thing that my dad is amazing at is making tiny models of things that are supposed to be bigger. For example, a period of time went by many years ago where he was making Army re-enactment figures that were a grand total of 1.5” tall. He crafted their heads on pins under a very strong magnifier. Nowadays, he’s an energetic healer, and creates totems and other amazing items for ceremonial use, and he’ll be leaving next Thursday for his 3rd excursion to Peru to study with the shaman there. What does this have to do with the REALLY COOL THING? Well, when I was talking to my dad in early February, he mentioned something about how cool the food blog community sounded, and had I thought about doing anything “for them.” I didn’t exactly know what he meant, until he suggested that together, he and I design something that he could create to giveaway and sell to the YOU ALL, the amazing food blog community. I polled some Facebook friends, kept it on the down low, and finally, the day has arrived! So, here it is everyone, the REALLY COOL thing…well, things. My dad and I designed food blogger jewelry! There are two designs: DSCN2636 DSCN2637 That’s a food blogger laptop (with the crossed knife and fork) and a jar of all our favorite condiment/food/food group, Peanut Butter! You can now proudly show off that you are a food blogger, food blog reader, lover of peanut butter… around your neck. Don’t wear necklaces? Don’t worry! They come on cell phone charms/zipper pulls too! DSCN2639 DSCN2640 These are small, about the size of a dime: DSCN2643 They are crafted out of pewter, which doesn’t rust or tarnish (meaning no black necks!), and are quite sturdy. The cords are vegan-friendly, made out of nylon, and they can be yours! You have not one, not two, but THREE ways to enter to win one of these charms!
  1. Leave a comment below, letting me know which one you’d like (one entry)
  2. If you have a blog, link back to this post in your blog. No blog? No problem! Just send an email to for a 2nd entry.
  3. This is where it gets fun. For your third entry, write, in the comment section, a haiku about food! Need a refresher on haiku? It’s a Japanese style of poetry in which there are 3 lines. The first line must have 5 syllables, the second must have 7 syllables, and the third must have 5 syllables. Get creative! An example:
    Cooking is my love
    Grocery shopping is a joy
    What’s for Dinner, huh?
This contest goes until JUNE 1st! The winner will be announced in my dinner post that night. You will have other chances at winning on 3 other blogs, so keep your eyes peeled! Don’t want to wait to win? You can PURCHASE one of these charms on your choice of a necklace cord or cell phone charm/zipper pull for the low price of $7! Send an email to with your choice of charm and whether you want a necklace or cell phone/zipper pull, and you’ll receive an email from me through PayPal. Once payment is received, I will ship your charm FOR FREE to the US and for just $2 to Canada! If you are elsewhere in the world, contact me and I’ll calculate shipping. I’ll also be posting a form for orders once I figure out how to do that… So, that’s the really cool thing! Thanks Dad, for all your help… and thank YOU blogland, for being so amazing!
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124 Responses to Really Cool Thing: FOODIE JEWELRY!!!

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  2. Kelsey says:

    tHat was so awesome of your dad to do that!!

    Kelsey´s last blog post..Tuesday at the house of KERF..

  3. Mara, those are so cute!!!

    Your dad sounds like an amazing person!

    Jenn@slim-shoppin´s last blog post..Duo Dishes Cookies

  4. mountainfarmer says:

    asparagus, yum
    butter dripping down its stalks
    sexy vegetable….

  5. I’d love the laptop with the knife and fork. Too cute! Thanks for the opportunity!

    Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary´s last blog post..Chocolate Sheet Cake

  6. Marianne says:

    We’re phone twins!

    And I really like the laptop charm 🙂

    Marianne´s last blog post..Getting Bendy

  7. Katie says:

    Hey Mara! For some reason your comment was dumped into my spam and I just read it now 🙁

    I LOVE these charms… I’ve coveted them since I first saw them on Bender’s blog! I’d love the PB jar… too cute.

    Katie´s last blog post..Joe Turner may have come and gone, but it’s never too late to get ready for summer

  8. Emily says:

    Oh my gosh those are tooo cute! I would LOVE to have the laptop one 🙂

    Emily´s last blog post..One Small Step

  9. Katrina says:

    I LOVE peanut butter, but for a necklace, I think the computer would be cool, because I AM a food blogger!

    Katrina´s last blog post..TWD–Chipster-Topped Brownies

  10. Katrina says:

    peanut butter-yum!
    Add some chocolate, too–yum-o!
    NO better combo!

    Katrina´s last blog post..TWD–Chipster-Topped Brownies

  11. Jean says:

    I absolutely love the laptop charm!

    Jean´s last blog post..A Quickie…NO, not that kind!!!

  12. heatherfeather says:

    PB is one of my favorite things, so I’d rock the pb charm! how cool is that your dad designs jewelry- i bet you have a bunch of cool pieces! 🙂

  13. katklaw777 says:

    Can we wait a bit,
    to be healthy and more fit?
    Help, what;s for dinner!
    great give-away, pb is one of my fav foods!

  14. kellybean says:

    definitely the peanut butter one! i love peanut butter more than anything! yum!

  15. kellybean says:

    food is so yummy,
    i bet it’s fun to wear too,
    and it’s fun to eat!

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  17. Briana says:

    So cute! Well here is my haiku:
    Smooth, creamy, nutty
    You fill my belly with joy
    My peanut butter

  18. April says:

    I would be so happy with either one. Wow, your Dad made these!!

    April´s last blog post..Chicken and Dumpling

  19. Julz says:

    Umm where do I begin?

    I’ll start with your comment: Mara, your words were BEYOND for me. So simple, and so perfect in the exact moment that I read them (just now). I know I am going to sound like McCRAZYPANTZ right now, but I am 100% honest here… Your words carry a very light energy. One that is incredibly soothing. I woke up this morning with a tense rhythm of trepidation and wait-what-did-i-do-and-where-am-i feeling. Reading your words, completely shifted that. Thank you so for them. And thank you for finding me 😀

    Next… Umm Holy Heysus! Your blog is UNRULL… I am in awe of the amount of work you put in, because it is SO CLEAR that you adored every minute of it. That YOUR INNERMOST PERSON *gets happy* with every post, every comment, every recipe, etc. I cannot wait to read and read and read and read. Mama’s got game, I see 😉
    —————> How cute would it be to do a spoon charm?! Like CB2 style? Lurve. (Though yours are so presh-presh!)

    Anywayyy, I, again, want to thank you so for that comment and the fresh-and-clean breeze that it brought me this morning. So much love and light to you,


    Julz´s last blog post..Someone’s gotta be up there…

  20. May says:

    This is unbelievably cute! I love it! The laptop is the cutest!

    The love for cooking,
    Drags and pulls to the kitchen,
    Delicious concoctions.

    May´s last blog post..

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  22. Neena says:

    I love me some peanut butter!! 🙂

  23. Angela says:

    I love them so much!

    Angela´s last blog post..BBBC Before + After and My Hip T Contest Giveaway!

  24. Ann says:

    I really love the little laptop food charm! How cute!

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